Karabag Maintenance Package

Hand-knotted carpets and kilims remain beautiful art pieces! But once they are placed on your floor, you, your family and your friends will regularly walk on it and whether you are with or without shoes all carpets and kilims will get a bit dirty.

That is why we offer our customers the 'Karabag Maintenance Package'!

With this package we completely clean the carpet or kelim with special equipment and a lot of expertise. We also verify preventively the edges and fringes of the carpet in order to guarantee a perfect condition of the carpets/kelims and thus preserving its value.

If you purchased your rug with us, you are entitled to a one-time free maintenance of your carpet/kilim. You can choose when you want to use the cleanup and maximum up to two years after the purchase!

All you have to do is send us your name, order number, current address and contact information to email service@karabag.com.